The Point looks to monitor its energy usage and increase its solar energy potential with help from CNE

Cornwall New Energy has investigated ways in which The Point can increase its renewable energy generation on site and monitor their usage

Situated in Polzeath, The Point offers luxury accommodation and a golf course to visitors alongside a fitness suite and restaurant. The resort already hosts some impressive renewable energy technologies: ground source heat pumps provide hot water and underfloor heating to all of the apartments on site and a 50kW ground mounted solar PV array provides energy to the resort.

CNE is looking at ways in which The Point can increase its renewable energy generation. The mounted solar PV array currently installed provides The Point with subsidised energy. However, CNE has calculated that by installing an additional 50Kw ground mounted PV system The Point could generate an extra 53,400kWhs annually. There is also scope to add solar car ports, which are an effective way to create additional roof space to maximise solar generating potential. Furthermore, additional features such as in built charging point for electric vehicles could be incorporated into the design, offering visitors even more sustainable options.

Accurate monitoring of electricity generation and consumption on site can allow businesses to gain a better understanding of their peak loads, import costs and times of maximum generation. By doing this, greater savings can be made and reliance on fossil fuels can be reduced. CNE has suggested ongoing monitoring as a way to collect real time data from which to model the business case for further renewable energy installations.

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