How producing electricity on site can create savings of over £50,000 a year

Cornwall New Energy visited the China Fleet Country Club last week with ZLC Energy to get an inside look at how the new Combined Heat and Power system operates and what the jouney has been like for general manager Dean Bennett.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a highly efficient method of co-generating heat and electricity from one source.By generating on-site, losses in transmission are minimised and carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 30% compared to separate conventional generation, creating extensive savings.

Cornwall New Energy are teaming up with ZLC Energy this month to showcase another CHP installation in Falmouth on the 27 February.We would like to offer you the opportunity to join us for lunch and a tour of the facilities at The Merchant Manor Hotel to see how CHP works and ask any questions you may have to our team of professionals.

"Since installing our CHP at the China Fleet Country Club we have been delighted with the results. The unit has generated nearly half a million kWh of power in its first year and saved around £54,000 in energy costs.

Dean Bennett, Managing Director, China Fleet County Club

Upcoming CHP event

Wednesday 27th February: 'Combined Heat and Power system tour and discussion' with ZLC Energy

Location: Merchant Manor Hotel, Falmouth

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Booking is essential.

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This event is free to attend