CNE at National Conferences on the Electric Vehicle (EV) Sector

At Cornwall New Energy we are increasingly being asked about electric vehicles – how they perform, how easy they are to use, and how much they cost compared to conventional cars and vans.

To help local businesses take investment decisions, we are now offering a ‘Fleet Review’ service where we help businesses answer these questions and identify opportunities to move to low emissions vehicles.

Low Emissions Vehicle Innovation Cluster

We are also developing a number of ‘Innovation Clusters’, focusing on themes relevant to local energy. One of these is concentrating on the transport sector where we are bringing together researchers, innovators, fleet operators and other interested parties to collaborate and develop solutions to specific challenges in decarbonising transport.

We are sharing this knowledge and experience with Cornwall based SMEs and other relevant organisations involved with the CNE project.

Knowledge gathering and networking at National Events

As part of this process CNE has recently been attending and participating in national events involving some of the leading organisations in the EV field.

Air Quality Event (Derby) - The primary driver for public sector uptake of EVs at this time is concerns around air quality. This event explored technical issues surrounding emissions and air quality and heard from councils who are taking substantial action to hear the key arguments and drivers that encouraged them to act.

The EV Experience Centre (Milton Keynes) – UK’s first brand neutral centre for electric vehicles. We visited the Centre to inform planning for CNE's EV event (scheduled for the 18th September at the Royal Cornwall Showground – see below) and met with Centre staff to learn from their experience.

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Market Study Event (London) - Hosted by Innovate UK and Cenex, CNE attended to gain a better understanding of the emerging V2G market and to support Cornwall-based V2G developers. We also explored collaborations with other regions and strategic partners in the development of the EV Innovation Cluster in CNE.

EV Infrastructure Innovation Event (Nottingham) – CNE attended this event to understand the latest innovations in EV charging infrastructure (e.g. modular hub charging stations, community-based, peer-to-peer EV charge point service, battery storage integration with EV charge points etc.) and to assess how these may be integrated into CNE's EV Innovation Cluster activity.

For more information:

Visit our Electric Vehicle Event

CNE is arranging an EV event on 18 September at Royal Cornwall Showground. Come to listen to the experience of fleet users that have moved to EVs and test drive vehicles. Find out more here.

Book a Free Fleet Survey

Cornwall New Energy can conduct a free survey of your business to see if you can reduce costs and emissions by switching to electric vehicles.

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