Cornwall New Energy on CoasT (One Planet Tourism) Website

A forum has opened on the CoaST (One Planet Tourism website) to invite businesses to engage with the Cornwall New Energy programme - open to all. Feel free to leave your name and contact details for further information, or a query for Alex Nicholas, the Delivery and Marketing Manager - or open a discussion for all. CoaST memberships is free and easy and will hook you into the largest sustainable tourism network in the UK.

You can join here today at no charge:

Find out more about some of the energy and carbon issues affecting tourism:

And join in the forum here:

(You may also wish to note this - either on the newsletter, or in further audit advice:

The easiest way to reduce your bills on energy is to manage demand - and a simple way of doing that is by engaging with visitors. Have a look at the CoaST laundry card and how effective it can be: )