Cornwall New Energy hosts electric vehicle seminar to assist SMEs

Following the success of the electric vehicle (EV) event in September, CNE hosted a smaller EV seminar on 28 November. The event was attended by SMEs from the leisure and tourism sector, installers and representatives from Western Power, the District Network Operator for Cornwall.

The number of EVs in the UK is on the rise; such a pattern is driving demand for charge points nationally. CNE has found that hotels and other businesses are being asked about charging EVs on their premises. The number of charge point and vehicle types available means that selecting the most appropriate for your business can be difficult and confusing. To help answer questions and start discussions, CNE organised a seminar on EVs.

The seminar began with an introduction from CNE's Joanna Davies, outlining the different EV charge points available. This triggered discussions about the likely users of the service, what type of vehicles they would likely own and how long they would stay. This highlighted important questions to consider when investing in EV infrastructure.

Ricky Duke, from Western Power, provided a useful overview about the connection agreement process required for the installation of more than a single 7kW charger, particularly relevant to hotels wishing to install multiple chargers.

The session closed with a presentation from CNE's Amanda Forman, about charge times for different battery sizes and environmental factors which can reduce the range of an EV, such as cold weather.

This event provided a great opportunity for potential adopters of EV charge points to have questions answered and discuss considerations with installers, EV owners and Western Power. Following this event, CNE will be providing further assistance to those SMEs in attendance. This will likely include help with applications to Western Power and obtaining quotes for chargers and installation.

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