Cornwall New Energy helps Boswedden House move towards energy independence

Boswedden House is a small bed and breakfast located near Land's End, Cornwall. The property is a listed Georgian House that features a large outdoor space, swimming pool, sauna, and several retreat and therapy rooms. Currently, oil boilers are used to provide heating and hot water to the whole site and an AGA is used in the main house for cooking and heating.

The owners have already taken steps to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source; photovoltaic (PV) panels have been installed to provide electricity to the whole site and solar thermal panels have been installed to keep the swimming pool heated. However, it appears that these measures are not working efficiently. CNE's advice has highlighted the importance of assessing the efficiency of the solar thermal panels that are already installed so that appropriate steps can be taken to ensure the site receives the maximum benefit from renewable energy technologies. Accurate monitoring of energy consumption is also an important first step to creating a concise distributed energy system, which will then allow the business to reduce its reliance on grid electricity.

CNE has provided a feasibility assessment on a number of renewable energy technologies options in detail which can help reduce Boswedden House's reliance on oil / fossil fuels. Available financial incentives have also been outlined in the assessment. This is important to small businesses, as the initial investment in renewable energy can often be high.

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