Co-Cars attending CNE EV event | 18 September

In the UK, transport accounts for 30% of emissions and is a major source of air pollution. Electric and hybrid vehicles represent a solution to reduce emissions from this sector, offering customers a lower-environmental-impact option than traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. However, the high upfront costs of EVs and other low emission vehicles, repair costs and hassle of charging, may be off-putting to some.

Car clubs offer a viable option to reduce this financial burden, particularly for two-car households, where the second car is a spare and used less regularly. By joining a car club customers are offered 'shared mobility'; that is, the convenience of using a car, without the hassle or costs of services, repairs and parking. A car club with electric vehicles (EVs) offers the customer an environmentally friendly and convenient transport option. Co-cars provides such a solution, running the biggest fleet of hybrid and EVs across Exeter and the South West for people, communities and organisations. With the success of this fleet, Co-cars is looking to expand across Cornwall.

CNE's Amanda Forman recently tested one of Co-Cars hybrid vehicles on site visits in Penzance to see how the benefits stack up. For the 4-hour trip, using Co-Cars worked out cheaper than the invoice for the mileage of her diesel car and CO2 emission comparisons indicate a 17g/km saving. Confirmation of both the environmental and financial credentials!

Co-cars will be presenting at CNE's EV event on 18 September at the Royal Cornwall Showground, their presentation is available for booking when registering for the event. This provides an exciting opportunity to learn more about its expansion into Cornwall and harbour collaborations to maximise the benefits of such an initiative. Co-Cars is keen to collaborate with businesses and local authorities and to spread the word about the benefits it can offer its customers.

If you are interested in finding out more about Co-Cars and EVs in Cornwall please visit for more information and ticketing for the CNE EV event.