CNE Project leaves a mark in Cornwall

The planting of 175 native trees will represent the businesses supported in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly by the ERDF-funded CNE project, as part of the legacy of the successful energy-related scheme.

On Sunday 24th November the Cornwall New Energy team took part in a Community Tree Planting and Care Day at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Porthtowan.

The event helps to create natural habitat and shelter to increase biodiversity and corridors for wildlife to move around the site. Planting of trees also offsets carbon emissions through sequestration (storing) of carbon over time. The event coincided with National Tree Week.

To mark the end of the project Cornwall New Energy funded and planted a native tree for each of the 175 businesses supported by the programme. A plaque was created for the event using laser-etched waste plywood, which now sits at the Eco Park entrance.

The CNE team helped to plant a small grove of 100 silver birch in a relatively sheltered field corner, along with a 100-sapling beech hedge in another area of the site. All trees were planted with tree guards to protect from strong winds and pests. The CNE team also helped to maintain trees planted last year, which was easier said than done! Typically, saplings must be maintained on an annual basis for 5 years before the roots become established.

Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who helped on the day, and to those businesses who have worked with us in during the past three years.