CNE at Cornwall’s Profit from Sustainability Conference

Hosted at the Eden Project on 9th May, the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Profit from Sustainability Conference showcased ways in which local businesses could positively impact their triple bottom line through making sustainable choices. From reducing plastic waste to engaging with the circular economy, the conference brought together experienced speakers from all parts of the sustainability spectrum.

Chris Coonick (BRE National Solar Centre) presented on Cornwall’s energy future, asking attendees to take home 3 points:

1.Our power plants are ageing – current plans are to decommission all coal power plants by 2025 and nuclear by 2035

2.We need to do more – Cornwall has access to some of the best renewable energy resources in the UK but is still relying heavily on carbon intensive generation

3.We’re here to help – Cornwall New Energy provides free support to local business wanting to improve their sustainability and save money on energy bills.