Lewinnick Lodge looks to solar roof technology to combat rising electricity costs

Cornwall New Energy is helping Lewinnick Lodge reduce its reliance on grid supplied energy

Lewinnick Lodge is a prominent feature on Newquay's Pentire Headland with views stretching along the Atlantic Coast to the East and West. The Lodge already has a renewable heating system installed and now wants to address the issue of electricity use to reduce its carbon footprint and of course, the bills. Directors Pete Fair and Dan Trotter are keen to grow this business with a low carbon footprint which can enhance the core values of The Lodge while continuing to provide their guests with a top quality experience.

The Directors already show an interest in new low carbon technology and have installed electric car charging points for the use of their guests and a biomass heating system to supply hot water and space heating. Cornwall New Energy (CNE) is now helping The Lodge reduce its reliance on grid supplied electricity, this is being done in 3 moves over the next 12 months:

1) Monitoring the electricity consumption - A digital monitoring system will allow the Lodge to watch how it uses and consumes electricity. Information is accessible from any place at any time and keeps track of historical and live time data. This is a great way to instantly reduce electricity use.

2) Solar roof - at a prominent location like Pentire Headland, it's going to be a tough call on whether to go with the most efficient roof mounted solar PV, or a lower efficiency but aesthetically brilliant roof integrated system… either way it will provide a contribution to annual electricity bills.

3) A battery storage system can be introduced to create further savings. We already know that Lewinnick will use 100% of the electricity it generates on site, but it if saves what is generated for use at peak times, it may be possible to increase savings even further.

Renewable energy and distributed generation are two of the key targets supported by CNE. This project is a prime example of how an outstanding small business in a key location can improve by integrating renewable technology into its business plan. This type of project also supports Cornwall's goal to generate 100% of its own electricity by 2030.

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