BUILD SOLAR presents new product to industry stakeholders

Local start-up company presents their new product SOLAR SQUARED at the BRE Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Stakeholder Workshop

On 24th May 2017 Penryn-based BUILD SOLAR took part in a BIPV Stakeholder Workshop at BRE Watford where they presented their new product SOLAR SQUARED. Along with other attendees they were also invited on a tour of the BRE Innovation Park which demonstrates pioneering building products and methodologies.

SOLAR SQUARED combines the latest solar technology and embeds it within conventional construction materials. This combination provides access to new markets and creates opportunities to deploy solar technologies within urban environments. As well as being an aesthetic building material with a variety of sizes and colours, SOLAR SQUARED provides solar energy, good thermal insulation and overall cost efficiency. BRE will assist the commercialisation of the product by means of an Environmental Technology Verification study.

The SOLAR SQUARED product is in its prototype stage and BUILD SOLAR are actively seeking sites to demonstrate the technology. For more information please visit or contact Dr Hasan Baig on 01326 259467.