A quick update on the state of the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector

At Cornwall New Energy, we are increasingly being asked about electric vehicles (EVs). We thought we would take the opportunity to share some of the latest information and answer some common questions about this rapidly evolving sector.


In many scenarios, the whole life costs of operating an EV are already comparable or cheaper than owning a vehicle with a conventional internal combustion engine.

EVs are now, on average, cheaper to power, have lower maintenance costs and cause less air pollution than internal combustion engine powered vehicles.

While emissions are dependent upon the source of electricity to power the EV, emissions from the UK power grid have steadily fallen over the last decade as older coal power stations have closed and an increasing proportion of power is generated by renewables.

Travel Range

This is increasing rapidly; since 2011 the average travel range of EV per charge has increased by 56%. For example, the latest Renault Zoe, Europe’s No. 1 selling EV, has a listed range of 250 miles per charge, while newer models are coming onto the market with ranges of over 300 miles per charge.

Choice of cars

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders say that by 2022 there will be over 80 EV models available.

Charging speed

Currently charging speed is a major barrier to adoption, this is about to dramatically increase. Swiss power electronics giant ABB have just launched a 320 kW charger that can add up to 200 kilometres of range to an EV in 8 minutes; while Pivot Power have announced plans for the world’s largest battery and vehicle-charging network in the UK. Their new £1.6bn scheme, incorporating 45 ultra-rapid EV charging sites, is due to start roll out in Southampton next year.

Within 2 years, it should be possible to travel the UK in an EV in much the same way as we do now with conventional vehicles.

Cornwall New Energy can conduct a free survey of your business to see if you can reduce costs and emissions by switching to electric vehicles.

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